Saturday, February 12, 2011

Murders Spark Renewed Calls for Cutlery Control Laws

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Its about time we restricted access to cutlery and motor vehicles.

Police: NYC man arrested after going on stabbing, hijacking spree -

Ok, so nobody thinks we should stop driving cars.  Is it because we are familiar with them and like what they do for us that allows to ignore all the same arguments people make for gun control?

Control of guns, cars and cutlery is fine when property owners voluntarily contract together to make mutually beneficial rules.  Since the neighborhood or village very closely approximates that situation, that is where these decisions should be made.

When people voluntarily join a situation and are free to leave it, its perfectly legitimate for the participants to make all kinds of restrictions that would be wrong to impose by force.

In fact, the desire to control what happens where one lives is one of the primary reasons people seek to make rules for everybody else.  When people have such control, they feel less need to impose their views on others.

I think if we supported such hyper-local control, we'd actually have a lot more options.  Neighborhoods would actually be a lot more diverse and life would be more interesting in general.

And we would have had things like smoke-free neighborhoods (which we still don't have) decades ago.  And neighborhoods devoted to the smoker as well.  Some might see that as a downside, but people are always going to be doing things we don't like, no matter how many laws are passed.

The important thing is that we each be free to make our own choices.

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